How to select all members of a group in UMC for Multi-Edit

Hi Forum, hi Univention Team!

I have a group called “fulltimers”. Now i want to put the string “fulltimers” in the LDAP Attribute employeeType, (which shows up as “Mitarbeiterkategorie” in a german UMC).

I think this should be possible with the Multi-Edit Feature of UMC, but how can i select all Members of the Group?


Just open the user module. Select the users to edit (e.g. by making the extended options (click the “>>” next to the search line) available, select “Group” as property and search for your group “fulltimers”)

Click “Edit” (you should be in multi-edit mode by now) fill in the information into the fields and select overwrite (only fields with active overwrite will be edited). BUT have in mind that you are overwriting existing information in that field.


Thanks for Your help. That sounds exactly as it is supposed to work but in my case it does not:

I can open the extended options of the Search field, i can select “Gruppen” (German for Groups). I can select my group from the dropdown menu but if i hit the search button no Users are found.

But never mind, i solved the Task with bash and UDM:


TESTSTR=$(getent group | grep Fulltimers | cut -d ":" -f 4)
for i in $(echo $TESTSTR | tr ',' '\n')
        echo $i
        udm users/user modify --dn=uid=$i,cn=compuser,dc=comp,dc=local --set employeeType=Fulltimers;

Yours, Gerd