How to reset admin password in owncloud-ONLYOFFICE virtual appliance

Hi there!

Sorry to say but I have probably lost my password for the admin user for owncloud. :frowning:


  • VMware Image
  • Virtual Appliance, OnlyOffice combined with owncloud (have shell access)
  • OnlyOffice v 5.3
  • Owncloud v 10.2.1-1
  • The solution has been running for 6-8 months perfectly

Problem description:
Apparently I have forgot my admin password for the admin (uid “admin”) for owncloud, other users is working fine (this user doesn´t exist under users in the UCS admin interface). And the reset password link is not working (think I forgot to config it from the beginning).

I have found out that it might be possible to use the occ command for owncloud but I can´t find it in my virtual host, does anybody know if this is possibly in the appliance “version”?

Thnx in advice. :slight_smile:

Hello @sebzan,

to execute the occ command on the ownCloud appliance based on UCS, you need to go to the console and then type:

univention-app shell owncloud occ …

This command is a wrapper to a docker exec … command. It will enter the ownCloud Docker container and there it executes the occ command.

Best regards,