How to remove appcenter app opsi for reinstallation

As I don’t know if something went wrong when installing opsi from the appcenter I want to remove the app in a way that I am able to reinstall it afterwards. Currently the installation aborts with dpkg not being able to configure package opsi4ucs. As far as I am able to investigate thats because (“stacktrace” following):

  • /usr/lib/univention-install/99opsi4ucs.inst returns 1, because
  • function joinscript_check_already_executed in /usr/share/univention-join/joinscripthelper.lib returns 1, because
  • function joinscript_check_specific_version_executed returns 1, because
  • /var/univention-join/status contains these lines:
opsi4ucs v44 successful
opsi4ucs v29 successful

Why twice? Well, after not being able to reinstall from the appcenter, I tried the manual method outlined in the Getting Started doc from OPSI. Obviously some script touches this status file somewhere but doesn’t remove these entries on uninstallation or in case of a failed installation.

Is it safe to remove these entries or comment out this version check in the install script?


it should be safe to run our join script multiple times. We usually check for existance of required objects/settings etc. before adding/changing them.