How to remove a site from replication

If you join a dc server (for instance a slave) and have set the ucr samba/site when the join occurs that site will be created.

What is the best way to remove the site? If i clean the variable and then do a rejoin the server wil go the the “default-first-sitename” but the other site still exists, still have the reference to the server… but then occurs errors in the replication process.


Hello @codedmind,

most probably there is a way using samba-tool, but personally I find it more convenient to just use the Microsoft Tool called “Active Directory Sites and Services” on a Windows client that is joined to the domain. This way you get a graphic user interface an can just delete the old reference and the “wrong” site.

Best regards,
Michael Grandjean

@Grandjean ok i will try it.

Just want ask before i do it, because the windows show some big warnings :smiley:

So after ignore the warnings of windows (about dc promo /wizard) delete the entries in the OLD site, each child first reboot the master server and no replication errors