How to recreate an UCS Server with Bareos 18.2.7

I have the problem that during a migration my UCS Server with Bareos application installed died after a restart. So, I have all the backup data on a separate 8TB HDD and now I want to recreate a fresh UCS Member Server with a fresh Bareos installation and then using “bscan” to recreate the Bareos Catalog.

The problem is now that I can only install Bareos version 20.0.1 from the Application Center, but the data that is stored on my drive belongs to a Bareos version 18.2.7

Now the question: How can install Bareos version 18.2.7 on a fresh UCS server (that is still running on 4.4-8)?
Or is there a better way to get again a running backup system with the data I have?


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