How to (re)create uid=dns-backup (98univention-samba4-dns.inst)

As it seems because some “tests” with S4 connector, rejecting and so on, the follwoing account got deleted in Samba and Slapd


here is the S4 Log

12.02.2021 10:56:54.536 LDAP        (PROCESS): sync from ucs:   Resync rejected file: /var/lib/univention-connector/s4/1611565287.652525
12.02.2021 10:56:54.540 LDAP        (PROCESS): sync from ucs: [          user] [    delete] CN=dns-backup,CN=Users,DC=bbc,DC=local
12.02.2021 10:56:54.658 LDAP        (PROCESS): sync to ucs: Resync rejected dn: CN=dns-backup,CN=Users,DC=bbc,DC=local
12.02.2021 10:56:54.676 LDAP        (PROCESS): object_from_element: DN of removed object: u'CN=dns-backup,CN=Users,DC=bbc,DC=local'
12.02.2021 10:56:54.678 LDAP        (PROCESS): sync to ucs:   [          user] [    delete] u'uid=dns-backup,cn=users,dc=bbc,dc=local'

If i get it correctly, that user is coming from this joinscript

I am not sure what is the best/prefered way to recrate that user?
The joinscript itself was running successfull during first installation and i am not sure if i should (somehow) rerun that script or if that would mess up samba/ad.