How to put a module into favorites?


i tried now everything i can think of but i still can’t figure out how to put a module (for example “Users”) into favorites.


Drag and drop doesn’t work, Portal Edit mode doesn’t work nor do i see a favorite button within the module itself. Absolutely not intuitiv.


do not use the adress “https://[server]/univention/portal/” but “https://[server]/univention/management/” for the Univention Management Console.
Here you could find in each module a Three-Point-Menu with the option “Add to favorites”. The Icon will appear imediately after clicking (reload the Portal-Site if open).


Hope that helps.


indeed, thanks. Didn’t pay attention to that!
Why doesn’t it redirect to management as before? I’m logging in as Domain Admin and in UCS 4 i have always been redirected to the management page.
I also don’t see any way to get to management page except for manually entering the address.


As a workaround for not being redirected i have changed the Portal configuration and added the ‘umc-local’ entry. This gives me at least a shortcut to the management page. It would still be beneficial to get redirected.