How to Printer Server UCS or Windows


What is the best way to “serve” a print server using UCS/samba4 as active directory.
What i understand from the docs:

  • install the cups in a ucs server
  • Create a printer device (ip management device)
  • Create a printer with a driver
  • Use a windows computer with print management to update the drivers

The problem i never able to install new drivers (getting acess denied when try, even with domain admin user)

I try other way that is in the feedback: Manual upload of printer drivers

But after the install when i add the printer to a windows computer, keep asking for install the printer drivers in loop and never can print a test page.

All the printers that i have are network printers. Should i use a old pc with windows a use it as printer server instead ucs ?


Some considerations.

I’m able to install and print from ucs server, must setting the printer as socket://printerip instead of ipp://

The problem i’m getting to upload windows drivers using print management is because *.inf file, i follow this post and after change the *.inf file the error went away.

It is possible use a windows server as printerserver istead of UCS? If yes, should be something done in UCS?

Reason: must printers that we have are konica minolta or kyoceras, for kyoceras i have ppd for konicas i don’t

maybe you can use a generic one.

I can’t… better say… i already try some of them but without success

I have C200,C203, C253 c224e etc… i add them to UCS but then even in a windows client with windows drivers i never get the print page.

Only can get the print page if i put correct ppd in cups (kyocera for ex)