How-to: map department from S4 to LDAP via S4-Connector

How To

There might be the use case, that some attributes from samba4 should be mapped to Ldap. Other than in this case How-to: AD-Connector - Map Fax-Number (facsimileTelephoneNumber) from AD to LDAP we do not have a matching attribute in ldap and need to use an univentionFreeAttribute:

This example mapps the department Attribute from samba to the univentionFreeAttribute1 in openLdap.

Step 1:

Check for already used univentionFreeAttributes:

root@master:~# univention-ldapsearch -LLL univentionFreeAttribute1=* 1.1

If you get no output here, it is save to use.

Step 2:

Create an extendet attribute for that:

udm settings/extended_attribute create --position "cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,$(ucr get ldap/base)" --set name=department --set shortDescription=Department --set tabName=Contact --set translationTabName="de_DE Kontakt" --set CLIName=department --set mayChange=1 --set multivalue=1 --set module="users/user" --set objectClass=univentionFreeAttributes --set ldapMapping=univentionFreeAttribute1 --set syntax=string

Step 3:

Adjust the s4-connector mapping

root@master:~# cat /etc/univention/connector/s4/
import univention.s4connector.s4.mapping
def mapping_hook(s4_mapping):
    s4_mapping['user'].post_attributes['department'] = \
    return s4_mapping

Now you will find the Attribute in ldap with:

root@master:~# univention-ldapsearch -LLL uid=cscheini univentionFreeAttribute1
dn: uid=cscheini,cn=users,dc=ucs,dc=test
univentionFreeAttribute1: Support

and in samba4

root@master:~# univention-s4search --cross-ncs  samaccountname=cscheini department
# record 1
dn: CN=Christina Scheinig,CN=Users,DC=ucs,DC=test
department: Support

Step 4:

Troubleshooting for the Connector:
In the following log File, you could check the S4-Connector-Status and will see which issue is happen.
and the mapping is shown in /var/log/univention/connector-s4-mapping.log

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