How to Join Windows 2012 Server to UCS Domain

I’ve been searching for document to join a windows 2012 server to a ucs domain based on samba 4. I already read the univention administrator document which basically just enter the domain name and then enter the administrator password.

Well in my case, the server won’t join the domain. I already check and disable ipv6, make sure the dns pointing to the ucs server and also disable the firewall. The server is windows 2012 R2 server standard edition

Some samba documentation state that it require windows 2008 before 2012 can join because it need WMI to join, some documentation also state that it breaks replication and requires FSMO roles.

Any step by step guide and other help is appreciated.

Good afternoon syahreza,

I would like to know if the windows 2012 server you want to join to UCS domain, is a master dc i.e, it has the role of domain controller installed (elavate)?. If this is the case, then it cannot join a UCS domain, as this is not supported. An ordinary Windows 2012 Server can do join.