How to install UCS with RAID1 capability

I have try to installing UCS on HP ProLiant DL20 Gen9,
But, I don’t know to installing the UCS with RAID1 integrated controller,
are there any how to (step by step) to installing the UCS with RAID1 capability.

thank you,

Good Afternoon Gede,
here is an extract from the UCS Manual, chapter 2.8. Partitioning the hard drive:

The Univention Installer supports the partitioning of hard drives and the creation of different file systems (e.g., ext4 and XFS In addition, it is also possible to set up mechanisms such as the logical volume manager (LVM), RAID or partitions encrypted with LUKS.

It is just the same as installing Debian or Ubuntu, as UCS is debian based.
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Anna Takang