How to install jdupes via cli?

I see in the documentation of Univention 4.4 at Chapter 6.1, it says

The following updated packages from Debian 9.8 are included (Bug 48332): ansible, arc, …

One of the programs listed is jdupes.

I want to use this to find duplicate files in files store in user’s home folder. But I can’t find how to install or run this program. I have tried the following;

  1. Look for the jdupes binary in /
  2. Tried to install using sudo apt install jdupes (but not found)

Is it possible to use this very useful tool without having to compile from github ?

Thanks for support.

I have no idea which documentation you are referring to have to enable the unmaintained repository to be able to install jdupes.

Thanks for the feedback ahrnke. I thought the unmaintained repositories option were other repositories hosted by third parties that you can manually add, not actual “other unmaintained programs” repositories hosted by UCS. My mistake. I’ll try it and give feedback soon.

The documententation I refer to is the release noted for 4.4 -