How to install a network printer

I try to install a local lan printer into CUPS server. I defined a new computer record for the printer with its IP address. Using the same name in the Add printer and used the protocol ipp://printername/xxx.intranet/ipp.
From my macbook pro aI can install the printer by giving the hostname (printer name). I can print too.
But in the module “print job” for that printer I dont see nothing even if I deactivate the printer queue.
I thing the printing go direct to the printer without interfacing with UCS.
Can someone tell me what I did wrong.
My printer is a HP Officejet 4650 and I dont have a ppd or pcl fle. I connected also the printer to the usb port but dont know how to configure it as a local printer want I have a terminal interface and not gi interface (I installed ucs with the iso boot image).
Thank for the help/