How To: Identify Architecture of an UCS Installation

Note You can not install UCS 4.x as 32bit version. UCS 4.x supports 32bit architecture through upgrading from UCS 3.x. 32bit support will be dropped latest with the release of UCS 5.x

How To: Identify architecture of an UCS installation

Option 1 - running system

uname -r

Result on 64bit:

Result on 32bit:

Option 2 - using rescue system

Step 1

Boot by using a DVD/CD/USB-Stick into the rescue system

Step 2

Allow the rescue system to mount your installed partitions or logical volumes under /target

Step 3

Identify architecture by typing

head -n 1 /target/bin/dash

For a 64bit system it looks similar to this:

ELF>�7@�@8	@e@@@��888���� ����!��!��> h�h�!h�!��TTTDDP�tdfff��Q�tdR�td����!��!xx/lib64/ 

while for a 32bit system it will look like this:

ELF�4�4 	(e444  TTTH�H�4�4�4��	�1t�t�t���hhhDDP�tdDeDeDe��Q�tdR�td4�4�4�/lib/

The difference to look at is the string “lib64/” compared to “lib/

The first is a 64bit system while the second is a 32bit system.