How to have different SSL certificates for the same univention server?

Hello, I would like to have different SSL certificates one for and one for
I am using the commands
ucr set apache2/ssl/certificate="/etc/myssl/" apache2/ssl/key="/etc/myssl/"
ucr set apache2/ssl/certificatechain="/etc/myssl/"
service apache2 restart
But this way I can only use one certificate at a time.
I look for Internet and may be I can add a virtual host in
Is it the good way?


I simply used the search function of the forum which led me to this site.

And simply checking the first article.

This should help.


Thank you but howto-configure-additonal-websites-on-ucs does not answer (directly) to my question. I follow the procedure and have a new site with the default page of debian apache2, I have not the same site accessible with two different URL. I also add the DocumentRoot /var/www/ line but that opens the list of the files.