How to get rid of a policy reference

Hi Everybody,

due to Bug 47377 we’re unable to get rid of a policy reference in umc. We’d like to introduce an additional dhcp service in our environment. Unfortunatley some dhcp properties have been defined in a policy that references the root object of our domain.

Is there a workaround to withdraw this reference from the root object?



you can write an LDIF file that contains the removal and apply it ldapmodify. First look at your current LDAP root:

univention-ldapsearch -o ldif-wrap=no -s base

Next create the LDIF file (adjust the base DN and the policy link’s DN, of course):

dn: dc=mbu-test,dc=intranet
changetype: modify
delete: univentionPolicyReference
univentionPolicyReference: cn=…,cn=policies,dc=mbu-test,dc=intranet

Then apply it:

ldapmodify -f your-ldif-file.ldif -D cn=admin,$(ucr get ldap/base) -y /etc/ldap.secret

The bug you referenced only comes into play when you use the UMC or the UDM for the modification as those tools assume different object classes.