How-To: Enable samba eventlogging

In general samba supports this configuration:
Samba-Wiki Event Logging:

Aus dem Absatz “Samba and Eventlogs”:

"Samba servers now support event logs – this means that if Samba is configured correctly, the usual administration tools like event viewer will work against a Samba server. To minimally configure Samba to publish event logs, the eventlogs to list must be specified in smb.conf, and eventlog entries must be written to those eventlogs.

Optionally, a message file can be registered for each of the eventlog ‘sources’ to pretty-print the eventlog messages in the eventlog viewer."

1 Step

create the /etc/samba/local.conf with this content:

eventlog list = Application System Security SyslogLinux
ucr commit /etc/samba/smb.conf
/etc/init.d/samba restart