How To Disallow Address Book Access For OX Users

How To

Disallow global address book access for OX users


Trying to disable access for an user results in an error in listener.log:
Global address book can not be disabled for non-PIM users.


The error message is somehow misleading. The meaning of it is the global address book can only disabled for PIM-only users. Any user not being only PIM user can not have the global address book disabled.
For default users with Webmail, PIM, Groupware and WebDAV it is not possible to limit access. Only “PIM” is allowed to disable access.

There is a table explaining the requirements of each OX access level:

UCS adds delegatetask to the PIM level (which it calls oxseforucs_pim_plus), and with that adds a Groupware feature.
The Groupware level requires the global address book (GAB), and thus the GAB cannot be deactivated anymore.
The feature sets of each level can be changed using the UCR variables ox/ModuleAccessDefinitions*.