How to configure UCS to use DNS on my router?

I run pfsense as a router, now I added UCS though the DNS and DHCP I still have on pfsense.
Since I joined the UCS domain my machine resolver points to the UCS instead of phsense.
What is the best way to run it and how?
Thank you.

Which one is your DHCP server ?
the pfsense or the UCS-DC ?

in your DHCP server you specify the DNS server to use for your clients

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you should NOT point your domain members to use a different DNS instead of the UCS DNS one!

UCS can use your pfSense as a forward DNS and thus way will offer the same information as your pfSense DNS does.

Use: ucr set forwarder1=ip.of.your.pfsene


Thank you, can I run dhcp on pfSense or should this be done on UCS?

I have executed what you have suggested but it still does not seem to work.
root@mail:/# ucr set forwarder1=
Create forwarder1
Module: kopano-cfg

Do I need to restart any service for this?

The name I want to resolve is not in the same domain, does it make a difference?


dig @

Simply add your second zone to your DNS configuration
If you wish, and your second zone should be managed by another DNS resolver, you can also point the nameserverentry for the second zone to your firewall / router

But as Christian wrote your main DNS zone should point to your DC

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Yes, you need to restart the bind9 service

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