How to configure Kopano Subscription in Kopano4UCS

I’ve just completed an upgrade from Zarafa4UCS to Kopano4UCS, but can’t find any documentation on how to configure my Kopano Subscription (license). I have found a reference to the kopano-licensed service in the Kopano documentation, but no reference to installing it. I can’t see it anywhere on the Kopano Partner Portal either.

At the command line if I try:-

univention-install kopano-licensed

it returns:-

E: Unable to locate package kopano-licensed

The kopano core repository is enabled. Is there a “subscription” repository or something similar that I need to enable? Any clues or assistance would be much appreciated.

There is no kopano-licensed anymore, this time the license is not verified at all - it should become part of the new kopano dashboard later afaik



Thanks Christian. So I guess must be out of date ?

Hello tose,

yes at least that reference was out of date. I just did a small scoop through the admin manual and removed all leftover traces of kopano-licensed.

Many thanks Felix. Much appreciated