How to clean up software inventory data for DCs that are replaced?

I had the DC and some member servers die a castrophic death without backups.

Nothing terrible, all VMs and I did have two backup domain controllers, one of which became a temporary primary.

Now I’d like to restore the old setup with dc., bdc. and tdc., but when I create the new DC as a backup with the intent of promotion, I am faced with the impossibility of installing apps it believes are already there (and in need of upgrades).

Even after removing the old DCs (with all related information) in the devices section, information about applications originally installed on these machines is still retained, and now I can neither install, update or remove these apps from the replacement servers that have the same name as the original machines supposedly deleted.

How do I fix that?

I turned out easier than I thought: Browsing the LDAP showed ‘apps’ and below for each of the app at the very bottom there are entries for machines where these apps are installed. Evidently those do not get deleted when you remove the servers, but after deleting these entries, there was no issue re-installing the applications on the ressurected servers.