How To: Autostart The Master As Virtual Machine On UVMM

How To

Enable autostart for the UCS master server even when running as virtual machine through UVMM.


You are using UCS virtualization through UVMM and you master is a virtual machine itself.
Now you can not configure the properties of the master when it is up and running. But you can not edit preferences either when it is powered off because in this case there is no master and no changes can be performed.


Use the command line to enable autostart on the vm;

Step 1

Get list of running vm’s:

root@ucs:~$ virsh list
 Id    Name                           State
 14    pha_sid93                    running
 322   dsch_UCS_111_DC1           running
 325   cv-test-w10                    running

Step 2

Set autostart for the vm by using it’s Id from above:

root@ucs:~$ virsh autostart cv-test-w10
Domain cv-test-w10 marked as autostarted

Now, after a reboot the vm in question will be autostarted.