How to assign NO profile/subscription/license for new MS365 users

I want to create users in Azure AD that have no license/plan/subscription by default. The reason is that I’m managing licensing directly in Azure AD using group assignments.

  • I have no profile/subscription defined at the group level
  • I have only one profile/subscription defined in LDAP
  • I have tried changing/deleting that single profile without any effect

No matter what I do, each new user get assigned a license. The logs looks like this.

04.09.23 16:10:49.948  LISTENER    ( PROCESS ) : o365: SubscriptionProfiles found for 'ESBD-Hald-Testy' (esbd): []
04.09.23 16:10:49.948  LISTENER    ( WARN    ) : o365: No SubscriptionProfiles: using all available subscriptions (esbd).
04.09.23 16:10:49.948  LISTENER    ( WARN    ) : o365: More than one usable Microsoft 365 subscription found.
04.09.23 16:10:50.436  LISTENER    ( PROCESS ) : o365: User creation success. userPrincipalName: 'hald-testy@[...]

Does anyone here have an idea how to solve this?