How-To: assign hosts to specific sites in UCS

You can assign hosts to specific sites in UCS by setting the samba4/join/site key in the Univention Configuration Registry. Doing this before installing Samba in the AD DC role and joining a domain can streamline the process. Here’s a concise guide:

1. Information

A good overview of sites can be found here:
Active Directory Sites - SambaWiki

And here are some general information from Microsoft:
Grundlegendes zur Active Directory-Standorttopologie | Microsoft Learn

2. Set the site attribute:
Set the Samba AD site attribute during system installation to assign the host to <site>

ucr set samba4/join/site=”<site>”

3. Verify:
Check the assigned site:

ucr get samba4/join/site

4. Activate the new Samba KCC
Introduced from Samba 4.5 onward, the improved Samba KCC optimizes replication traffic in large networks by leveraging the AD network model. While not enabled by default in UCS Samba/AD installations to prevent compatibility issues, it’s recommended for new setups related to this scenario. Enable it with the samba4/kccsrv/samba_kcc ucr variable:

ucr set samba4/kccsrv/samba_kcc=yes

5. Further information and tips
Please take a look here: Cool Solution - Optimize Samba Active Directory DRS replication in large environments

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