How To: Add additional desktop profiles to desktop policy

How To add additional desktop profile to a policy


You’ve created your own desktop profile for kde and want to use it in a desktop policy. When ever you enter the path to the profile the umc tells you that the value is invalid.
This is because you only can choose from “registered” profiles. When having a look into the policy object things might be more clear.

root@ucs:~# udm policies/desktop list

DN: cn=UCS 4.0,cn=desktop,cn=policies,dc=domain,dc=tld
  language: None
  ldapFilter: None
  name: UCS 4.0
  profile: /usr/share/univention-kde-profiles/kde4-menu
  profile: /usr/share/univention-kde-profiles/ucs-4.0
  profile: /usr/share/univention-kde-profiles/kde-externals

What to do

In the example above the profile /usr/share/univention-kde-profiles/kde-externals was manually added by

root@ucs:~# udm policies/desktop modify --dn "cn=UCS 4.0,cn=desktop,cn=policies,dc=domain,dc=tld" --append "profile=/usr/share/univention-kde-profiles/kde-externals"
Object modified: cn=UCS 4.0,cn=desktop,cn=policies,dc=domain,dc=tld

Of curse you really have to place a valid kde profile there!

Now you can easily select the new profile in the policy.