How-To: Add a printer to UCS

How to add a printer to UCS

If your printer is not listed in UMC but you have a Cups driver file (*.ppd) you can add the printer to UCS as follows:

Step 1

Identify the usual place for the printer models and filter for the vendor:

root@master:~# udm settings/printermodel list  --filter cn=HP| grep DN
DN: cn=HP,cn=cups,cn=univention,dc=multi,dc=com

Write down the above DN as this is the location where you are going to add your printer in the following steps.

Step 2

Copy the ppd-file to it’s destination folder:
cp mymodel.ppd /usr/share/ppd/hplip/HP

Step 3

To create a printer share with udm by specifying the copied ppd-file use our documentation.
Replace the settings in the documentation from the ones you got from previous steps.

Step 4

You have to adjust the settings in the UMC to make the ppd file selectable in the UMC

→ Please Note, there might be a Bug according to use the uploaded ppd driver in UMC