How to add a extension to guacamole?

I want to add an extension to guacamole. The Problem is first of all that there are two docker containers for guacamole and I don’t know in which one I should put the “.jar” file because I want to add the TOTP extension. In both containers, there isn’t the default GUACAMOLE_HOME path, normally under /etc/guacamole. There is only in the container “guacamole_guacamole_1” a path to /opt/guacamole with some folders, but if I create an extension folder with the .jar inside it doesn’t work and there is no error. It would be great if there is any easy way to add extensions.

Thank you for your help

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Hi, same here.
I am currently trying to set up SAML and TOTP.
I have found the folders in the Docker container under “/root/.guacamole/”.
These are linked to “/var/lib/docker/overlay2/{cyptevalue}/diff/root/.guacamole”.
As soon as you make the changes in this directory and then restart Guacamole, the files are overwritten.
So this is not very helpful, but it is a certain approach.
So there must be a folder structure somewhere in UCS where the original files are stored. These would then have to be adapted in order to activate TOPT or SAML.

But here I am also stuck.
It would be nice if someone here could help.