How-to: Activate an app appliance

How-to: Activate an app appliance


  1. You have downloaded an app appliances from the app catalog for one of the hypervisors KVM, VirtualBox, VMware ESXi or VMware Workstation.

  2. You have imported the downloaded virtual machine image.

Activate an app appliance

Step 1: Request the activation key

The activation key needs to be requested and is then sent the email address that has been provided. The request can be issued in two ways:

  • During the appliance setup
    On the Account information screen during the appliance setup, an email address is requested to activate the app appliance.

  • After the appliance setup

    1. Open your webbrowser and navigate to the ip address that is given by the welcome screen.
      By the way, Mozilla Firefox is recommended, because it offers the easiest way to accept an exception for the self signed certificate created by UCS during the appliance setup.

    2. Provide your email address in the activation dialog and request activation.
      Follow the instructions an the next screen in your browser or continue reading here.

Step 2: Receive email with activation key and save the key

An email will be sent to you with the file ucs.license attached. Save this file locally.

Step 3: Upload the activation key

Click on UPLOAD LICENSE FILE and select the just saved file for upload. The activation key will be applied.


Step 4: Finish activation

The activation is finished.


You are then welcomed to the UCS portal page. Some app appliances offer hints on how to continue from here.

You can then either login to the UCS managementsystem or in the example of ownCloud directly to ownCloud.


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