How thin is thin?

Can some small apps be packaged and deployed to a TCS device? Eg, Firefox or OpenOffice?

In effect this means the thin client is not so thin! Some vendors such as IGEL or Liscon offer this. Almost a cross between a thin client device and a desktop -lite client ?

In our “Standard-Setup” you are able to use UCS Thin Client Services in three different configurations with the hardware:

  • Thin client boot over network: the thin client boots the thin client operating system provided on the server directly over the network, removing the need for software maintenance on the end device
  • Boot from thin client device: the thin client operating system is installed directly on the unit, for example on a CompactFlash memory device or on the hard drive or a PC converted to a thin client
  • Provision of the thin client system via USB stick: important for all cases when it is not possible to change the local software installation of the thin client

If you want to execute applications on the “thin client” you are able to custiomize the environment by univention tools:
=> install packages with “univention-thin-client-apt”.
=> then you have to define a session on the thin client to execute the application instead of the RDP connection.
But this is no standard-configuration, but some customers use it to execute firefox on the client.

If you want to put more applications on the client, then it is (in our definition) a Managed Client. … tzgebiete/

hope that helps