How enable html inline in Horde Groupware Webmail Edition

can some help how can enable HTML inline in Horde Groupware Webmail Edition .
I got email is says can not read my html.


you can try to do this:

Open /etc/horde/imp/mime_drivers.php
Search for:
/* HTML driver settings */ 'html' => array( /* NOTE: Inline HTML display is turned OFF by default. */ 'inline' => false,

Replace “false” with “true”.

Best of all restart “apache” or reboot the server.

i hope, it helps.

O. Bertgen

Thanks, but can not find that folder in /etc/horde/
Can Univention Corp Server installed in another folder perhaps.


Hello bengt6,

Horde run in a Docker-Container. You can not directly edit the parameters.
I don´t know, how do edit the parameters.

Best regards,

I seeking and google have in searching docker-container for find mer perhaps

Hi! You can enter the Docker container with the following command:

univention-app shell horde

You can edit the files on the host, see my Active Sync example:

Inline HTML configuration works in the same way, in my case the setting was in line 50 in

Hey, tryed i terminal go to that link and says could not find and that folder is nothing but tryed take cd /var/lib/docker now can see more

is fixed now and worked now helped to restart apache , mark solved :slight_smile: