How do I add Hunspell dictionaries

What would be the easiest way to add additional Hunspell dictionaries.

I’d like to know as well. It seems e.g. hunspell-en-gb isn’t in maintained nor unmaintained repo?

It is in unmaintainend, but a bit older, maybe you need to check if all 4.3 repos are enabled for 4.4-

root@ucs01:~# apt-cache policy hunspell-en-gb
  Installiert:           (keine)
  Installationskandidat: 1:5.2.5-1
     1:5.2.5-1 500
        500 4.3-0/all/ Packages

Hi @ahrnke,

thank you. Indeed, all the 4.3 repos on that host had been disabled. I just enabled for 4.3-0 errata, installed the package and disabled unmaintained afterwards. That did the trick.