How can i limit the number of versions for samba modul shadow_copy2

Hello all,

we use here UCS version 5.0-6 and sambashares on BTRFS. Now we enabled shadowcopy on the server for us Windows Clients. This is working, but i did not find how i can limit the number of versions of the snapshots.

Does anyone know how this will be configured?

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What do you to expect to happen when the limit is reached? No additional can be created? I guess probably not, maybe you want the new copy to happen and then a cleanup job should remove the oldest? In that case a cron job would be one way.

The problem is there is no limit, at least I can’t find a way to configure it in Samba. The Samba documentation doesn’t mention it either. The snapshots already went into the millions and had a virtual size of over 1.5PB. Deleting them was a pain.

mybe that help’s - i don’t use shadow copys at all - so not tested that


It’s more complex than you might think…
I have now found this file:


Does anyone know this? Has a UCS header. But I can’t find or reproduce it on any other system.