How can I get old version of UCS VM images ,such as qcow2 format

I want to install a new machine and cannot find an older VM image to download, I find a link which only has ISO Images.I need the 4.4.3 old version which format is qcow2 to create a backup node, it will be joined to a master node which version is the 4.4.3 version of ISO images. Therefore, I urgently need a VM image of version 4.4.3 in qcow2 format. Where can i download it, wish you post the link ,thanks

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I dont think we have older plain VM images available for download.
But creating a vanilla “Debian” KVM and booting the ISO of the desired UCS-version from the ISO you found only takes a few minutes more and will be sufficient to install the new Backup DC.


I don’t know if I make a image with qcow2 format will performance the same way as the ISO. Is there any risk of the way I do.

By the way, if I can upgrade my old cluster to the new version,like 4.4.6.When I upgrade,service of UCS will be down or not and what kind of other risk I would take into consideration.

Basically the VM images we provide are only shortening the setup process in terms of that most of the Debian part of the installation is already executed. I can see no more risks installing UCS from the ISO to using the qcow-image.

During the upgrade of UCS several services will be restarted automatically. At least during this time there will be a disruption. The time of the outage depends mostly on the amount of user and group information as well as on the history of the system.

You may also want to read Barcamp 2018 UCS release upgrades - best practise


thanks for your help,I found new way to Install with ISO,for stable reason.When I do the test,Use Ctrl+Q enter appliance mode ,then save as qcow2.Use the qcow2 image to install backup,when I use “Doamin join” moudle,the system can’t create Samab groups,such as “DC Backup Host”,this made “Doamin join” process failed at script 91***.inst.Then I try to use “apt-get update” and “apt-get upgrade”,the "Doamin join " performace as the except way .But I don’t konw what happend,Can you expain that for me