How add RADUIS attributes

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these are my first steps with univention. Additionally I am not a professional Admin, but hope to find some help anyway. Right now I am about to evaluate the functionality in order to figure out if OCS is the right choice for our network - what just hope to :wink:

We are running an WPA2-Enterprise WLAN with 802.1x Authentication. We are using a unify router which has a build in RADIUS server for that purpose. It is possible to add users with three additional parameters:

  • vlan id
  • tunnel type
  • medium type

and this way it is possible to configure the vlan in which the users is put into when successfully authenticated to the WLAN/LAN. Pleas see the screenshot for Details

Screenshot from 2023-02-08 10-50-00

In order to use OCS to provide Identities I can tell the router to use OCS’s RADIUS instead of its own. But after installing the RADUIS App, all I can do it tick the »Allow Network Access« Box as show here:

Screenshot from 2023-02-08 10-54-33

So there is no way to configure anything else. Is that done somewhere else? Is there any other app I can use to make that happen? The important Setting is the VLAN ID, it would be possible to set this, it would be cool.

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you can configure more than that, but the settings are indeed a bit hidden. :wink:
Because you said you are new to UCS I would advise you to take a look at our manual, specifically chapter 11.6 RADIUS should be helpful: 11.6. RADIUS — Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators
If I understand you right you want to separate users into VLANs, that is possible via assigning a VLAN ID to a group and adding the user to the group, chapter VLAN IDs says something about that.

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Thanks a lot for the link to the manual! Don’t know how I managed not to stumble over it! It’s cool to know that it’s possible, since that is a critical point!!

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