Horde Calender times screwed after upgrade/reinstall

I had problems upgrading Horde on UCS 4.3-1. In the forum I found hints that de-install and install should work. So I tried it.

After several tries it the de-install went through (but only from the command-line afaik). I was also able to install again. But now all appointments in the calendar are shiftet by 2 hours.

From a backup I was able to recover the old configuration of Horde to compare with the current configuration. Horde was configured to store events in UTC before. That changed apparently.

Any help to analyze this appreciated.

Hi jolentes,

you can give this a try:

Login to Horde,
in the Top-Menu klick the Gear-Symbol.
-> Preferences -> Global Preferences

Under “Locale and Time” you can set your local timezone.

After Logout and Login again it should have been set.


O. Bertgen

Hi O_Bertgen,
I already have set ‘Europe/Berlin’ there.
When I create an appointment the invite is sent out with a 2h offset if I keep “default” timezone on the event.
If I set the event timezone to ‘Europe/Berlin’ the invite shows the correct time in the event-invitation.ics.

I found the issue!

In the Horde docker container the zoneinfo for UTC is wrong.
I have entered the container with univention-app shell -ti horde bash

root@horde-81323206:/etc/horde# cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/
root@horde-81323206:/usr/share/zoneinfo# ls -l UTC
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root    33 May 29 07:41 UTC -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin

UTC zoneinfo is a link to Europe/Berlin. Which does not make sense at all but explains all the symptoms we see.

After replacing the file in the container with the UTC file from the UCS Host the calendar displays events correctly. Also invites are send with correct date and time information.

Univention Staff please have a look:
Horde version 5.2.17-2 using docker container docker.software-univention.de/ucs-appbox-amd64:4.3-0 (0363a55bd2ea)

Is this a general problem of the container or does the install of Horde screw this up?

Edit: added hash of docker image

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this is definitely a bug that also happened in my Horde app container, but not in general on UCS systems. You should report that bug on forge.univention.org. That way it’d get the proper attention.

Kind regards,

Reported as Bug: https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=47373