Homedir paths are not updated on clients


I had a problem, that the user’s homedir is not being updated in the ucc passwd when changed.

On the domain master:
/usr/lib/univention-directory-listener/system/ucc-nss-passwd.py should be run and this should update /var/cache/ucc/passwd

However it seems that this listener is only listening on the uid attribute not on the homeDirectory. A changed homedirectory with the same uid is therefore never registered by the handler as a change and hence the cache file isn’t updated.

Changing the line to:
attributes = [‘uid’, ‘homeDirectory’]

seems to fix the problem.
Can you confirm that this is a bug?

  • Folken

Thank you for your report. This is indeed not the intended behavior for the listener module. I created a bugreport about the issue.

Your workaround seems fine for the time being. Ultimately, all attributes that are relevant to the passwd file should trigger the listener.