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Hello everyone,

I would like to realize the following:

When a user who is registered in the UCS domain logs on to a Mac OS client, he should get his home drive mapped on the one hand and a shared share on the other.
The user should not have to manually connect to the SMB share or add it to their login objects. Just as you would do in Windows environments via a GPO.

Is there a way to configure the UCS5 in this way? If not, is it possible to store a script that the client fetches and executes when a login to the UCS is received?
I would be grateful for any suggestions for a solution.

If you have mobile user on your mac, it mounts the home directoy automatically and shows a globe icon in the dock.
If you have Avahi installed and Samba correctly configured, you see your shares in the sidebar.
You can also put the shares into the dock. I did it once before but can‘t recall how to do.
You can use this, or something like here.

maybe this will help you, I had the same problems since Big Sur


Best Ben

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