Help me..... please!


2 all!
i’m a new member. I’ve started to learn UCS for 1 week.
i have a question…

i plug in USB to computer which install UCS Desktop but it occur an error with report like this:
" Rejeced send message, 3 matched rule;type=‘method_call’, sender=1:4" (uid= 2005 pid =9597 comm=kded[kdeinit] --new-startup ') interface ="…"

Please help me!!!


hope here are also the foren rules

help !!! is not so good :wink:




to have access to local devices like USB keys the user should be a member of the local group plugdev. This can be achieved by invoking the following command on the machine as root:

adduser <username> plugdev

Afterwards the user should login again and then be able to use USB devices. For your convenience you may want to perform this command for the following local groups as well:

plugdev cdrom audio netdev powerdev

Tobias Scherer