Having multisite on Wordpress



Is it possible to have multisite (subdirectory) configured on UCS? I try to activate the multisite on the “wp-config.php” but it does not show on the wordpress interface.
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It seems taht setting are not persistent on .htaccess. May I ask you if it needs to be set to a dedicate files/path?

I had /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/wordpress/wordpress/ but whe going to univention-app shell wordpress I got not same input. I saw on another post to had on host to be persistent.
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To be honest, as soon as you require such modifications installing Wordpress manually is usually the way to go. That way you won’t fight with the containerized installation and have full control over what you can change.

You’re also generally better off regarding security updates as you can install them the minute they’ve been released in a manual install, whereas you’ll have to wait for the app provider to update the app before you can update it.