Have an problem with UCS

Hope some will answer me now.
For installed an new UCS on hyper -v everthing goes great but one thing could not activing
see pictureproblems

Does the vm with ucs have internet access ?
you may check this by ping on command line from UCS server to for example


yes UCS have internet access working now but sometimes get another error not sure where that coming fromsnapshot1

Goodday bengt6,

from the error message, it seems your ucs can’t reach our licence server. You can test it with the ping command below

 ping -c 4 license.univention.de

else you might have to enter in an external DNS sever.
You can also follow your log file with the command below to see what happens while you send ping.

 tail -f -n 0 /var/log/univention/management-console-*.log

Have a nice day.
Anna Takang

that working now, that was to reboot server then could activation goinge good