Guacamole VNC access

Hi guys! I need some help rearding Guacamole setup.
After some failed attempts I reinstalled the newest guacamole from AppCenter on a member ucs server. In LDAP I did setup two VNC connections to two Windows Machines. The Blog Post on Univention says “clientless” - however, the only way I get to see the Windows Desktop is by running a VNC server (I tried TightVNC and UVNC) on the Windows Machines. I also tried SSH to a Linux server, of course it worked from the first time, because the ssh server is running there… What am I missing?


Yes and that is client less - as you don’t need a client on the machine your connecting from (you need VNC SERVER on the remote machine to get access there but not in the machine you’re connecting from)

But why use VNC and not RDP (Windows Clients do have this native -so you don’t need to install VNC SERVER on them !!!)


Thanks for your response, now I get the “clientless” think. My intention was to use it for remote support on workstations. Unfortunately the Windows Secure Desktop and VNC do not play along with each other. If I use RDP, I would have to know the user’s login credentials.