Guacamole cool-solution wrong/incomplete proxy conf file


Today I found out that the guacamole.conf template file does not contain the websocket section - this degrades the performance of connections over https and moreover it is not possible to use printer redirection in rdp sessions

so it would be very cool if someone can add the following lines at the end (must be the last ‘location’ entry) of the guacamoole.conf file:

<Location /guacamole/websocket-tunnel>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    ProxyPass ws://HOSTNAME:8080/guacamole/websocket-tunnel
    ProxyPassReverse ws://HOSTNAME:8080/guacamole/websocket-tunnel

whereas i red in the following topic that guacamole cool-solution eventually won’t be updated anymore as it eventually will be replaced by an app in appcenter which I saw in testappcenter ?
If so the app config should do that and also enable the apache2 mod proxy_wstunnel to work


If that is true, please take update to the most recent guacamole-docker version. It includes updates to allow building the docker container with radius authentication support.

I am currently working on a configuration to integrate guacamole via RADIUS with privacyIDEA to provide 2FA.

what do you mean by most recent guacamole-docker version ? the 1.0 version will come out tomorrow as i got in the guacamole mailling list.
but the websocket config does not have anything to do with guacamole-docker version - it’s the apache2 reverse proxy config file what has to be modified (as this is a UCS template, i can not do this by myselfe - this would be overwritten with next udate)


Unfortunately my pull requests didn’t make it into 1.0 release. They are on the master branch and will be included in the next release. But you can build from the master to get them.

Sorry for high-jacking your thread. I know the docker topic is not related to the guacamole.conf issue you described. I’m trying to find out who is responsible for the guacamole docker image UCS uses.
1.0 also does not need changes to the LDAP auth JAR file anymore, since the name of the group member attribute can be specified via env variable now.

But back to your topic again. I have troubles with printer redirection.
I am running a xRDP server and connecting to it via guacamole through RDP.
Guacamole should generate a PDF via ghostscript from the print job and provide it as a download to the clients browser. But nothing happens. Also not after I have added your changes.
Do you have experience with printing via gucamole?