GPOs and AD copy items to UCS

Dear UCS administrators. Im Alex from spain, sys admin small company, Im testing the product and is what i was looking for.
But I have one questions:

We have a W2008 Server in another office but I would like to copy some certains users and GPOs only to this new UCS DC

How can I copy this items?, but the existing AD will must to stay as it its for the moment (no takeover no transfer, just copy)

I have read documentation section 9 but i dont see clear. Just seeing some transfer of GPOs but when using AD takeover only.

Any help appreciate


I haven’t copied GPOs like that myself yet, but there are a couple of posts about copying GPOs between Windows-based Active Directories. As you use the standard Microsoft tools for creating GPOs with UCS, too, it may be worth your while to give those methods a try:

[ul][li]Export a GPO to a file together with Import a GPO from a file[/li]
[li]Three Steps to Migrate Group Policy Between Active Directory Domains or Forests Using PowerShell[/li][/ul]

About the users: I don’t know an easy way to copy only certain users. If it’s just a handful then I suggest you create them (and the groups) manually. If there are a lot of users and groups you can also script this with the help of the “udm” command-line tool (this is the “Univention Directory Manager” tool which exposes the same functionality to the command-line that the web-based Univention Management Console does). See the admin docs for more information.

Kind regards,

Thanks Moritz, those links are very useful. I will try.