Google Workspace Connector Multiple Domains (Use User Email to Set Google Workspace Name)

We are working on setting up the Google Workspace Connector into our established UCS and Google Workspace Environments.

Our google workspace is set up with our primary parent company domain:

in the same google workspace, we have several other domains set up. Depending on what child company the user is employed at, their email may end with one of the domains:,,

In UCS, each employee user has their proper email address set. For example, John Smith works for Child Company 01. His username is jsmith, and his email field is set to

When I enable Google Workspace Syncing for this user, a google user with the email of “” is created instead of it matching to the existing

It seems the Google Workspace connector is set up to just create users with
{{username}}@{{primary workspace domain}}. Is there a way to change this to use the email field instead?

Thank you for your time.

Wanted to link to this existing post with similar issues.

I believe the connection to UCS is required to authenticate. Users may need VPN connection back to the server if you don’t expose it to the Internet.