Good preseed.cfg example?


I want to standardise our ucs testing gear and for this I want to build an own “appliance” with a preset domain, the demo user app pre-installed (with added email addresses for the demo user), license file already imported.

The appliance is built with packer and you can find my current WIP code at To build it your own you need to download packer and have Virtualbox installed, afterwards you can run packer build box-config.json which should take care of everything.

But… I am currently already failing at the initial install of ucs. At the end of the install process I am met with The 'grub-pc' package failed to install into /target/. Searching on the internet suggests just connecting the machine (well those weren’t ucs installations) to the internet to fetch updates during install, but I already do see the install fetching packages from the Univention repositories.

Am I missing something in my preseed.cfg?

I took as a base which I merged with a working preseed for Debian 9 from

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Update: I have done a bit of cross testing with the Debian image that is used in and was able to verify the machine did manage to install its bootloader.

I have pushed the pure Debian image into the following branch:

The file referencing the ucs image still fails to install, though.