Gitlab App how to pull using ssh?

Hi, I have installed the app and all seems to work ok though I like to be able to pull/push repository.
I am not sure what the syntax would I need to use, if I point to the UCS server I get to that server not the GitLab repository?
Thank you

Hello @augustynr,

the GitLab in UCS cannot use the default SSH port for the repository, because it used for SSH access to the server. The GitLab app though is configured to use a custom port. Each repository in your GitLab instance should show you the complete SSH address to the repository.

How about trying the following?

  1. Login to your GitLab app.
  2. Create a repository.
  3. Click on Clone at the top right of your project. A “dialog” opens which offers your the SSH and HTTP addresses to the repository.
  4. Copy the SSH address and use it in your local Git repository.

Does that help?

Best regards,

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