Gitlab adds 22222 to the email notifications ( makes it invalid )

Hi When I send a notification email to a user from Gitlab it adds 22222 to the URL.
That makes is invalid.
This does not work,
this: does
How do I change it?

Hello @augustynr,

I’m wondering, why port 22222 is attached to URLs that are sent in an email. The app configures the SSH port for the Git repositories in GitLab to port 22222 only, because port 22 is occupied by SSH on the UCS system.

But what I surprisingly found is that the external_url in the gitlab.rb seems to include port 22222. This looks like a bug in the app integration.

You could try the following:

  1. On your UCS host system go to the directory /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/gitlab/conf.
  2. Edit the gitlab.rb file and change the external_url setting.
  3. Reconfigure GitLab. On the UCS shell execute: univention-app shell gitlab gitlab-ctl reconfigure.

Please let me know, if it fixed the problem. It then has to be repaired in the next app update. Thank you.

Best regards,

It worked thank you!

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