G Suite accounts are not created

We have SAML identity provider connected to our G Suite.
We used to create user in UCS, and enable Google apps for Work. That way UCS will automatically create user account in gmail.
From today it stopped working.

Any tips and advice what can I check on UCS system to find out why has it stopped working?

If it helps, the only errors in log are:

UNIVENTION_DEBUG_END    : uldap.__open host=controller.domain.com port=7389 base=dc=domain,dc=com
08.11.19 13:52:24.430  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : notifier.c:129:notifier_wait_id_result LDAP failed No such object (32): id:1871148
08.11.19 13:52:24.430  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : listener: 32

Update: problem was resolved.

Could you please write what you did to resolve the issue?

This would be helpful to all others having the same problem


There is no definite fix to this. Problem was caused by UDN replication issues. There are different reasons for UDN replication to fail, hence various ways to fix.

One place to look for various errors related to GSuite sync is to tail log /var/log/univention/listener.log.