Future of xRDP in UCS?

I see that UCC 3 now no longer provides an xRDP Terminal Server role, which I assume relates to the adoption of the Ubuntu Unity Desktop as the as the default desktop environment for UCC images (being as xRDP and Unity have never seemed to work together).

So I’m wondering what the future of the xRDP component available in the UCS App Centre might be? Is it the intention of Univention to continue offering the xRDP package as a vehicle for providing a “terminal services” role for alternate desktop environments (such as KDE), or is there some thinking that UCS will over time leave Terminal Services role provision to vendors such as Microsoft & Citrix ?


yes, UCC 3 does no longer provide an xRDP terminal server. We have announced with UCC 2.1 that it would be removed with UCC 3.0, please see the UCC 2.1 changelog. Unity has not been the reason for the removal. xRDP terminal server was not used by our customers.

Nevertheless, xRDP is still available as app for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) in the App Center for administration purposes. There no plans to remove the app.

Best regards,
Nico Gulden