Freeradius config for eduroam

Has anybody been able to setup the UCS freeradius server for EDUROAM?

The problem I’m having is right now our users authenticate as username/password and Eduroam wants to send username@domain.tld/password. No matter what I do it always ends up being proxied and sent back by the “default” realm I added to process eduroam users outside of my domain.

The error I get in the radius logs is

(0) ntdomain: Checking for prefix before "\"
(0) ntdomain: No '\' in User-Name = "", looking up realm NULL
(0) ntdomain: Found realm "DEFAULT"
(0) ntdomain: Adding Realm = "DEFAULT"
(0) ntdomain: Proxying request from user to realm DEFAULT
(0) ntdomain: Preparing to proxy authentication request to realm "DEFAULT" 

I’ve tried making a realm just for the domain “realm {” and it seems to totally skip it and go to the built in realm that UCS created and then tries the “DEFUALT” realm.